Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kaitlyn Elisabeth Perkins

Here we are bright and early just before we left to go to the hospital. Its always fun to get a tummy shot before the baby comes.

Ryder wanted to get his picture taken with Mama

We took a picture of us right before I started to push. This is always the part when I realize that yes I am actually going to have a baby.

Kaitey came out weighing 6.14 pound and 18.5 inches long

Everything went SO smooth with her delivery, it was SO nice. The only problem we had was that my right leg as so numb from the epidural. It took a long time for it to get any feeling in it. As you can tell in the picture she has really chubby cheeks. I could just pinch them all day.

Ryder is so excited to be a big brother. He loves baby Kaitey so much. He is always wanting to hold her and kiss her. I was worried about him having jealousy issues but it hasn't been bad. I try to give him lots of one on one time.

Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks? I feel like she is a little Perkins baby. She looks a lot like her Daddy. She has the ears for sure like her Dad.

Proud big brother holding baby Kaitey

My hospital bed was over taken by my kids. I still can't believe that we have two kids.
Poor Mitch, I told him that he wasn't going to stay at the hospital at night with me but then I went all emotional on him the second night and made them sleep over. He is such a good husband. I even got very pretty flowers from my boys.

She did NOT like her car seat at all. 

Here we are all ready to go home.

All I can say is that we have the best baby ever. She loves to sleep and eat. She wakes up once or twice during the night just to eat and then goes back to bed. When she is awake she loves just to look around and be happy. She will yell at you if you don't feed her fast enough but as soon as she is eating she will eat it all up. She loves to cuddle with everyone. She looks really cute in just a diaper but I love dressing her up and having her wear bows.

Ryder LOVES to hold his sister but it only last for a minute or so. His favorite is to make it look like she is talking. We started potty training him this week because I really don't like changing two bums. He is doing better but gets busy doing things and forget to go potty until its a little too late. He is just a funny funny boy.
All we know is that we LOVE our kids and are so blessed to have them!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Brother and Baby Kaitey's room

Here is Kaitey's room almost done. We just have a couple of little things to do still like some decorations a shelf in the dresser and the curtain for the window. I am SO thank for Mitch and all of his hard work in getting the room done. He painted all of it and textured the ceiling and painted the dresser.
Here is the wonderful ceiling that Mitch put a lot of work in. The people that lived here before did NOT leave the ceilings smooth at all so we decided just to texture them. I love that way it turned out.
Here is the cute swing that we got for her. I hope that she likes it as much as Ryder liked his.
Here is her crib all set up. That is the cute car seat cover that my Mom made for her. I told her that I wanted it pink and sparkly and that is what I got.
Here is the dresser. We are going to put a shelf in the middle so that we can put more stuff in it. I have her purse(as Ryder calls it) all packed and ready to go to the hospital. I got to put away all of her clothes and diapers.
This is the cute BYU blanket that my Mom made for Kaitey. I love it!!
Here is Ryder helping us with his strong muscles. What did we ever do without that crazy boy?
I told Ryder this morning that we got a lot of Kaitey's room done and he told me that it was cute. He helped us to put her bed together. At one point he told us that it was Ryder's bed. We were shocked he because he NEVER calls himself Ryder its always RY RY.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Last Year!!

Here are some pictures from this last year. I know that I have been so bad at updating the blog but I'm having a lazy night so I will update it. Things are the same here at the Perkins house except for the fact that we have a new addition to our little family. Kaitlyn Elisabeth Perkins should be coming around May 7th. We are very exited to have a little girl at our house. Ryder is excited for the baby. He likes to pretend to take her out of my stomach and hold her and kiss her. Sometimes he does drop her but he always kisses her better. I can't believe that they have started fighting already. At church on Sunday he put his head on my stomach and she kicked him. He didn't think that was very nice to his punched my stomach very softly and told her to be nice. I can't believe how big my little boy is getting. He is still very much into all kinds of sports. He is NOT a fan of sleeping in his own bed but we are working on that.
Here is Ryder with his cousins Addison and Shea Shae and Hunter.
Here are the cute girls watching the elephants.

Ryder and his cousin Brayden wanting to go on rides at the carnival. They LOVE playing together and are SO funny.
Here are my cute boys making root beer at Grandma Connie's house for Halloween. This is what happens when they don't shave.
Here is Ryder and POOH POOH cleaning the house. I am a mean Mom and make them clean.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This is Shae Shae going up a big hill with Uncle Mitch. She had so much fun.

She looks so cute in her snowmobiling stuff.

Here is Ryder on a ride with me. Doesn't he look comfy?

He looks so small on the snowmobile. He may not talk a lot but he has a sound effect for the snowmobiles that is very good and its is NOT the same sound as motorcycles or trucks. They all have there own sounds.

OMG can you believe that I saw HANNAH MONTANA!!! I was so excited to see that she was up snowmobiling. I went to ask for her autograph and then I realized that it was just Addison. When I asked her if she was Hannah Montana she informed me that it was just the glasses. She is SO funny. You never have a dull moment with little Addison. She is SO excited to big a big sister in May. She hopes that the baby is going to be pretty and white!! If only we could spend a minute in her mind so see what she is thinking.

Here is Ryder trying to see what his Dad is doing on the snowmobiles. He just had to know everything that was going on with them. While we were getting the snowmobiles ready to go we only had one snowmobile running and Ryder HAD to be on that snowmobile. He is just like his Dad.

All weekend whenever Ryder saw a helmet he had to wear one. I personally think that a diaper goes really well with a helmet.

This is Ryder after a nice long ride. As you can tell from this picture and many more of him is that snowmobiling puts him right to sleep. He couldn't stay away for more then 5 minutes on one. Now if I could only figure out how to have one handy for when he doesn't want to sleep in the middle of the night at home.

Here he is sleeping again on a ride. It was hard to ride with a little boy so tired.

He was made for snowmobiling.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Cute PUPPY!!

Ryder was a very cute puppy for Halloween. He loved going trick or treating because he loves candy. He is just getting so big. He's starting to say more words instead of just grunting.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa Idaho

Grandma and Grandpa Idaho were they best. The first time that I met Mitch's Grandpa (right after Mitch got home from his mission) he ask for a grandson. After we got married he made me promise to give him a grandson to pass on the family name. You have no idea how excited I was to tell him that we were having a boy. I think he was just so happy. In the picture of him holding Ryder after the blessing he got a little choked up looking at Ryder. I will always remember how much he loved Ryder.
I'm really going to missing going up to Idaho and spending time with them. Yes I will even miss all of the long stories they use to tell. They were the best people ever. They excepted me with no questions asked. I love them so much and am so blessed that I was able to know them. They will forever be watching over all of there family. I know how special we all were to them.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

BOY can this BOY eat!!!

It's so much fun because Ryder is getting to the point that he smiles for the camera.
He likes to pose as you can tell.

I let Ryder have some Red Vines on our way up to Idaho.
NOT the best idea as I realized soon what a big mess he would make.

This boy LOVES ice cream so very much. I don't know how he stays so clean

He's posing again

His favorite thing to eat is anything healthy. He loves fruit and Veggies. Olives are his favorite food to eat because they fit perfectly onto his fingers.